Java Frinsa Estate

The Story of Java Frinsa Estate


Java Frinsa Estate

The Story of Java Frinsa Estate


Java Frinsa Estate


Java Frinsa Estate is owned by a very experience farmer name Mr. Wildan and Ibu Atieq. They were a very successful potato farmer and exporter. They've done many export of potatoes to many parts of the world. However, in year 2010, these passionate farmers decided to commit to conservation of land to protect the environment and at the same time maximizing productivity of the land. The moment of truth happened to be Arabica Coffee.

Located in the area of Mount Tilu, this vast mountain area lies directly south of Bandung in Cisangkuy valley and is surrounded by one of the largest tea plantation in West Java. The processing, sorting, bagging and storage facilities is located in Pengalengan. The nursery and the plantation is located Weninggalih, which is at the altitude of 1400 meter, and Riung gunung 1650 meter above sea level. Due to their farming experience and passion in producing quality agricultural product, the estate produces 70% specialty coffee and traceability.

This private coffee estate is the youngest of three specialty coffee focus estates apart from Toarco Jaya's Pedamaran Estate and Opal's Wahana Estate. 

Plantation & Coffee List Based on Varietals

1. Weninggalih

a. Elevation: 1350m - 1400m above sea level
b. Varietal: "Sigararutang" is mutation of "ateng" (Aceh Tengah) closest family to Bourbon
c. Processing: Semi-wash & Full wash

2. Riung Gunung

a. Elevation: 1650m above sea level
b. Varietal: P88, Sigararutang, BORBOR and Cultivar S795 (Native name Andungsari) 
c. Processing: Semi-wash, Full wash & Natural

Enjoy roasting and cupping Java Frinsa Estate.

We are a proud to be part of traceable specialty coffee family & we hope to do business with you in the near future. 


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