Toarco Jaya, The True
Toraja Coffee.

In the 1970s, there were only Rantepao coffee and Kalosi coffee that is known within the coffee industry. These coffees are processed by local coffee farmers in Toraja and Enrekang. In 1977, PT. Toarco Jaya creates a new name for the origin and registered it as 'Toarco Toraja Coffee', which then gain recognition worldwide as “Toraja Coffee”. As the first step, PT. Toarco Jaya created and run its own private plantation known as 'Pedamaran Plantation'. The plantation covers 530 Hectares of land in Pedamaran, North Toraja. After establishing the plantation, the nursery is created and Toarco invites local farmers to plant arabica coffee trees to reinvegorate the passion for producing quality coffee beans. Furthermore, the farmers are then educated and trained from picking and sorting ripe cherries, best practice for full wash processing method and drying the beans to Toarco standard. This is followed by strict buying, sorting and packing method, where in each of these steps involves cupping to assure quality and maintain consistency throughout the line. All this for no compromise strive for excellence and perfection in a cup to become “Toarco Toraja Coffee”

After 40 years of contribution, Toarco Jaya mission for only perfection in a cup have created a bond within the people of Toraja. This is due to Toarco's contribution to improving the lives of all the coffee farmers that strive for the same goal by paying the most premium price. The corporate social responsibility actions goes further towards investing the infrastructure of the coffee area such as building briges to connect with Pulu-pulu and Sapan area, and many more.

At present, Toarco Jaya Coffee is not only known as one of the world best coffee producer but also a big part of Toraja's family and culture.

Varietal: Cultivar S795
Region: Pango-pango
Altitude: 1300m to 1900m above sea level

PT Toarco Jaya

PT. Toarco Jaya is a company that was established from a joint venture between Indonesia (PT. Utesco) and Japan (Suladeco Ltd, a company that was formed between the partnership of Key Coffee Inc and Cargill Japan Ltd). Established in 1976, Toarco Jaya sets missions to produce the best quality arabica green beans from northern part of Toraja. This is the beginning of the “TOARCO” legacy, which stands for Toraja Arabica Coffee.



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